DHEC board appoints Eleanor Kitzman as director

DHEC board appoints Eleanor Kitzman as director

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS/AP) - The S.C. Board of Health and Environmental Control announced Monday the appointment of Eleanor Kitzman as director of DHEC.

The appointment is subject to approval by the Governor, and advice and consent of the Senate.

Catherine Templeton, who took over the agency in 2012, stepped down Monday.

In a four-page statement released by DHEC after the announcement was made last week, Templeton said she had served four years in the governor's cabinet and had "fulfilled [her] commitment."

Templeton is appointed to her current position until March 2016, but she told DHEC's board she would leave after Gov. Nikki Haley's first term to "make room for another set of fresh eyes."

In her 2012 memoir, Haley credits Kitzman with getting her involved in politics. On her second day in office, Haley succeeded in getting Kitzman approved as Budget and Control Board director.

Kitzman left that agency after eight months to lead the Texas Department of Insurance. That job ended in 2013 because Texas senators refused to confirm her appointment.

Kitzman led South Carolina's insurance agency from 2005 to 2007, when she resigned over a disagreement with former Gov. Mark Sanford.

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