Landlord: 3-year-old `never had his chance` to live happy life

Landlord: 3-year-old `never had his chance` to live happy life

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The conditions found in Theia McArdle's Spartanburg County home gave only a few indications that a 3-year-old child lived there.

Prescription pills, cat feces, and a bag of condoms were among the items found in the home.

"This is a nightmare for me," landlord Wayne Baker said.

For nearly three months, 3-year-old Gabriel McArdle lived in the home with his mother and her boyfriend Richard Bowman. According to Baker, the home wasn't in great shape a month ago and he expected his tenant to "get it straightened up." That was also the last time Baker saw young Gabriel alive.

The couple paid $400 a month to rent the mobile home in Enoree, but Baker has taken official steps to have the couple evicted from the home. However, Baker says it will be an uphill battle since the two are in custody in Newberry County.

"It was the first of December," Baker recalled, "and he was sleeping on a couch in the back bedroom. That couch is no longer there."

A job application, smoking paraphernalia, anti-depressants, and anti-fungal medication are among the debris left behind in the home. Gabriel's presents were also found unopened along with food rotting on the floor.

"There was only two mattresses thrown on the floor that they slept on and dirty dishes," Baker said. "That's it."

What appears to be Theia's car is still parked outside of the home, but it will soon be towed. Animal control also removed three of the family's cats from the home on Tuesday. The cats were taken to Greenville Animal Care and Control, but officials say they can only be held for five days.

While the cats have another chance to live a happy life, Baker says what's left behind in the home indicates Gabriel never had his chance.

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