Expert: Surveillance cameras may not be the answer for child daycares

Expert: Surveillance cameras may not be the answer for child daycares

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A video from a daycare in Mississippi captures a child abusing a toddler.

The footage of the disturbing behavior eventually lands the daycare worker in court for not stepping in. Without surveillance cameras, knowing what happens behind the closed doors of a daycare becomes a mystery.

"It would be great if they could pull up a video footage or something and say, 'Well, this is really what happened' because we really have no idea," said Erin Cogswell.

Erin and her child's father, Michael Moses, have no idea how their one-year-old son ended up with a black eye at his daycare. They say the daycare staff didn't seem to know either. Next time, they say they'll find a daycare center with a closed circuit surveillance system.

It's already commonly used in doggie daycares, but child care experts say it's hardly foolproof and could offer a false sense of security.

Tricia Sheldon managed several Lowcountry daycare centers and also served as chairman for the Governor's Advisory Board for child care regulations.

"You're taking a moment out of context," Sheldon said. "Now, if you were watching and you saw your child being spanked absolutely that would be something totally different. But if all of a sudden you tune in and see a child is crying...we don't quit know what's going on. Has the teacher comforted the child, we don't know. So, I think you don't always get the whole picture."

There are also security concerns.

"I don't know that the technology is secure enough," Sheldon said. "You've got a school full of little children and, what if a pedophile figures out how to start monitoring the children in the classroom and what time they come and what time they don't?"

Sheldon says surveillance cameras are not yet widely used in South Carolina daycares.

Attempts have been made to reach out to the owner of Creative Beginnings Daycare Center. However, no one has returned the station's request for a comment regarding one-year-old Grant's injuries.

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