Lexington daycare at center of DSS investigation after child found with black eye

Lexington daycare at center of DSS investigation after child found with black eye

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Picking up their son, Grant, from days is usually the highlight of the day for Erin Cogswell and Michael Moses.

One day, however, they were troubled to find their son had been hurt at the daycare.

"To walk in, you expect to see your child happy, Erin said. "We walk in and he has a huge black eye. It's like 'Wait a minute. Nobody said anything to us about this?' The whole side of his face from here to here was really swollen."

According to Erin, neither the owner nor the staff at Creative Beginnings Christian Child Development Center were able to tell them what happened. Daycare owner Sandra Faggart agreed to meet with us at first, but she has since not returned our calls.

"What she ended up saying was that it was just a bump and a scrape and it's not like it needed stitches and, if it did need stitches, they would've called us," Michael said.

Child care expert Tricia Sheldon says the daycare had an ethical responsibility to do more.

Whenever you have a child that has a head injury," Sheldon said, "you're not supposed to put them down for a nap. That child's parents should've been called and the child should've then gone to the doctor."

According to their website, DSS is now investigating the daycare for various violations. But parents like Erin and Michael wonder what regulations are already in place to protect their children if something like this happens.

"If the child requires medical attention," Sheldon said, "it is a DSS regulation that we notify DSS that the child needs medical attention.

Sheldon recommends parents tell their daycare providers if they'd like to be contacted and stop by their daycares unannounced to get a glimpse of how things run when parents aren't around. Sheldon also encourages checking the DSS website.

"I think, when you're looking on the website, you want to look for violations that say the word 'supervision' that say 'out of ratio,'" Sheldon said. Those are tangible. You can understand what that means."

DSS issued the following statement: "The Department of Social Services works to ensure the safety of children in child care facilities and in family child care homes. On a recent visit to Creative Beginnings following the report of an injury, the DSS child care regulatory staff cited the facility for several violations related to attendance record-keeping. As always, we will continue our work with child care providers to protect the safety and well-being of the children in their care."

Still, Erin believes parents should be more aware of what happens in daycare facilities.

"Even if not so much with this facility, with daycare in general," Erin said, "I think people might be a little bit too trusting. I mean, we were…"

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