Spurrier will coach four or five more years

Spurrier will coach four or five more years


) - South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is going to stick around a while.

After Wednesday's practice, the Head Ball Coach backed off his "2 or 3" year proclamation and said he's back on the "4 or 5" year plan.

He said it was a mistake to shorten his time frame and wants to get the word out that he's going to be around until his mid-70s at least.

"You need to always go under the 4 or 5 rule," Spurrier said. "I saw Coach (Ray) Tanner here today and he said he's going to recommend an extra year on my contract, even though I already have four more on it. ... I'm back on the 4 to 5 year plan. You always have to stay on the 4 to 5."

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