Former CPD drug lab worker: CPD 'made me a scapegoat'

Former CPD drug lab worker: CPD 'made me a scapegoat'

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The woman blamed for laboratory errors that ultimately forced the Columbia Police Department to shut down its drug lab says the department made her the scapegoat and forced her resignation.

Brenda Frazier resigned from the police department after an audit found several deficiencies in her work. She is currently suing the City of Columbia for $3 million for emotional distress, damaged reputation, and loss of employment.

"Despite my resignation, the Columbia Police Department viciously and intentionally destroyed my good name by falsely communicating to the public that I caused all of the problems in the drug lab," Frazier said. "This has severely damaged my good name and decreased my marketability as a chemist."

During a news conference Tuesday morning, Frazier's attorney said racism and "deceit and chicanery" was at the root of his client taking the blame for problems at the lab.

Frazier agreed, saying she wasn't given the proper tools to perform her job, unlike her counterparts..

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook and 5th Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson believe Frazier jeopardized a number of drug cases.

CPD, meanwhile, has chosen not to comment on the lawsuit since it's pending litigation.

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