Best Buys: Digital cameras

(Undated) Dec. 31, 2004 - Buying a digital camera can be overwhelming.

Among the options buyers will see four, five, eight megapixels. Usually the more megapixels, the more expensive the camera.

Kerry says, don't get hung up on maximizing the megapixels. Kerry Allen of Consumer Reports tips, "For the person who gets one snapshot, four by six images, a two or three megapixel is fine. It's enough."

Some best buys include a Fuji and Nikon option. Fuji makes the Fujifilm FinePix A330 for $130 and the Nikon Coolpix 2200 for $125.

A four or five megapixel is a better choice if you are a more sophisticated photographer. Allen says with that type of camera, "You can print out a good eight by ten photograph and do some manipulation."

Among four and five megapixel cameras, you can see quite a range. The top-rated Kodak Easy Share for $400 has a ten times optical zoom lens.

Kerry says that the telephoto feature is useful, "It's nice if they have telephoto lenses. The price will go up. A three to 4x zoom is adequate for most."

In this category, the HP Photo Smart R707 sells for $280. Like the top rated camera, it has manual controls so you can override the point and shoot settings for more flexibility.

For serious photographers who want to make jumbo prints, they recommend the Nikon Cool Picks 8700. It will cost around $800.

Reported by Judi Gatson

Posted 6:35pm by Chantelle Janelle