LMS Volleyball Team goes entire regular season without losing a set

LMS Volleyball Team goes entire regular season without losing a set

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - The Lexington Middle School Volleyball Team completed the 2014 season without losing a match. In fact, the girls didn't lose a set in regular-season competition.

"It makes me feel really proud," said eighth grader Maggie Salley.

The team went 40-0 in sets this year and has been undefeated in the past three seasons.

"We feel good about it," said coach Jim Prather.

"The coaching is really good and I feel like all of the girls that, like, go here are really good, too," Katie Ullsperger, eighth grader, said. "I think its, like, a mixture of coaches and athletes."

"It was a lot of teamwork, Salley said. "Volleyball is, like, one of those sports where you can't just depend on yourself. It's more on your team. It's a team sport."

Prather says the team spirit goes well beyond the court.

"We have good athletes. We have smart students and we have girls that really love to play," he said. "They're good kids. We have kids in the Honor Society, the honors chorus, orchestra. They are multi-talented and they're busy. Usually busy people are the ones that you want working for you."

"I believed in these girls who were playing every day and practiced as hard as they could so it was a shock that we didn't lose a single set," said seventh grader  Katie Richardson. "I kind of figured that we would go undefeated in a way, because of these girls. They're amazing."

"We talk a lot and we hang out at school, even after the season" Salley said. "We're like a family."

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