Former CPD drug analyst believes race was a factor in her forced - - Columbia, South Carolina

Former CPD drug analyst believes race was a factor in her forced resignation


Looking back, Brenda Frazier believes the City of Columbia “intentionally” discriminated against her because of her race.

Frazier, who has filed a lawsuit for $3 million against the city for emotional distress, damaged reputation, and loss of employment, claims she was not allowed to choose her own peer review team unlike her white counterparts.

Frazier also says she wasn't provided with other benefits and necessities such as a city vehicle, additional training, staffing, and resources to help her keep up with her work.

In July, city officials requested an audit by the Richland County Sheriff's Department after noticing errors in analyses done by Frazier.

During that audit, Dr. Demetra Garvin, Frazier pointed out deficiencies with how the lab was run. Among the issues Frazier listed was no accountability for who had access to the lab and storage of seized drugs. Frazier also listed there was no inventory of the drug evidence.

While Frazier believed this information could have helped the department bring more resources and security improvements, Frazier says this eventually led to her forced resignation while none of her white supervisors saw the same punishment.

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook says Frazier's deficiencies were insurmountable from the quality of testing and even her own qualifications. He and solicitor Dan Johnson believe those deficiencies may have jeopardized a number of drug cases.

WIS reached out to the City of Columbia regarding the litigation, but they wished not to comment on the pending lawsuit. WIS also reached out to Frazier through her attorney, but no response has been received yet.

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