GOP requests delay in election for Bobby Harrell's seat

GOP requests delay in election for Bobby Harrell's seat


Associated Press

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The state Election Commission will meet Thursday to consider a request by Republicans to delay the election for former Speaker Bobby Harrell's Charleston-area House seat.

Harrell resigned last week after pleading guilty to using campaign money for his own benefit.

The commission late Tuesday received an affidavit from Harrell that he resigned on what he called "legitimate nonpolitical grounds" of "family crises and substantial business conflict." He asks that his name be removed from next week's ballot.

State law allows for the delay of an election if a candidate leaves a race for nonpolitical reasons. If that happens, the candidate's party can then choose a new candidate.

Earlier this week, the commission said next week's election would go forward but votes cast for Harrell would not count.

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