Feds find no violations at SC nuke fuel plant

Feds find no violations at SC nuke fuel plant

AIKEN, S.C. (AP) - Federal regulators have found no violations at a Savannah River Site project where old nuclear weapons materials are planned to be turned into reactor fuel.

The contractor building the mixed-oxide fuel facility said in a news release Wednesday that the inspection period ending Sept. 30 marked the fourth quarter in a row that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission had found no problems.

The project is part of an agreement with Russia to turn weapons-grade plutonium into commercial nuclear reactor fuel. Construction began in 2007, but the project is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule.

Officials say NRC inspections are done to determine if authorized activities have been done safely and in accordance with NRC requirements. Inspectors reviewed areas including construction, equipment and software.

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