Homicide victim's family pleads with the public to help find shooting suspect

Astrid Haynes (Source: Haynes Family)
Astrid Haynes (Source: Haynes Family)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Columbia police are investigating the fatal shooting of a woman that happened on Bratton Street early Wednesday morning.

"That was my sister," said Leetha Haynes. "They just don't realize what they've taken away."

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts identified the victim as 32-year-old Astrid D. Haynes.

Astrid was a friend, a mother and a source of support.

Astrid grew up and spent most of her life in Columbia and friends said she was always looking to make others feel at home.

"She was the person that would go up to you and speak to you and introduce herself," Leetha said. "Ya know what I'm saying especially if you was new to the neighborhood."

Neighbor Ashley Smith said she would always say hi and always seemed in a good mood.

"She was just a sunshine and light, one of those people who was a sunshine and light," said Astrid's friend Amber Croker.

Neighbors said Astrid was continuing to help others in the moments before she was killed.

They said she left her home on Bratton Street to comfort a friend.

Around 1 a.m. Wednesday, several people would report hearing multiple gunshots.

"I saw commotion but the trees kind of blurred my vision a little bit," Croker said.

"Someone was down and an ambulance was picking them up. I had no idea it was her. It's a great loss. For everybody that knew her."

Astrid would suffer a gunshot wound to the abdomen and later die at an area hospital.

Witnesses would tell police that the shots came from a car while the victim was standing with a group of people.

The car is described as having a burgundy color and four doors.

Investigators are asking anyone with more information to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.

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