Many turning to their faith in wake of tragedy in Lexington County

The Jones children. (Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Department)
The Jones children. (Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Department)

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - In wake of hearing the gruesome news of five children being found dead, their bodies found in garbage bags along a rural dirt road in Alabama, many are turning to their faith to find a means of healing.

Leaders at Red Bank Baptist Church in Lexington said their concern is for the youngest members of their congregation who might have known these five young victims."

"It just sort of assaults your world," said Pastor Jimmy Walker. "You have to deal with it and process it the best way you can."

Walker said some parents are already asking how to explain this to their children.  Many of whom most likely attended school with the Jones children.

"I got an 8-year-old at home and I'm probably going to have to answer some questions tonight as well," Walker said.

Meanwhile, questions of why are also present near the last known residence of Tim Jones, Jr. on South Lake Drive.

Neighbor Heather Gates recalled memories of when her children used to play with his.

"[They were] like normal kids, ya know, they like to play, they like to laugh," Gates said.  "It's really heart breaking, ya know. I have children the same age. I can't even imagine. I just really can't."

Confusion for many that's sure to linger in the coming days.

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