Marvel comic featuring 3-year-old Jacoby Latta now available in stores

Jacoby Latta and the Hulk (Source: Sanford Greene)
Jacoby Latta and the Hulk (Source: Sanford Greene)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A new Marvel comic "Uncanny Avengers" features 3-year-old Jacoby Latta in its latest issue and is now available at some Columbia-area bookstores.

Latta was on a church picnic with his family when a falling tree limb hit and killed him at an Irmo park -- in May.

Jacoby's dad says his son was a huge fan of superhero comics, including all of the Avengers.

A local comic book illustrator got in contact with a friend at Marvel Comics to come up with the surprise for the Latta family.

"I kept that from them to see if I could perhaps surprise them with something," said Marvel illustrator Sanford Greene. "So I told them that I would see what I could do. I reached out to the editor in chief of Marvel, Alonzo. It was a long shot, but he replied pretty quickly and his response was what do we need to do, and that was pretty much the green light."

Sanford says it was divine intervention when he began working on the project and made contact with Jacoby's family.

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