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Midwestern transplant's maps could provide insight to 2014 SC elections

What started as a hobby for one South Carolina man could shed some light on which party will get the vote this November.

Matt Weil is a Midwestern transplant who was eager to learn more about his new home state. Using the powers of mapmaking, he found some things that surprised him.

"There are a lot of stereotypes about this state that aren't true," said Weil.

Weil took data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the South Carolina Election Commission and discovered that what all is written about South Carolina and the voting booth is not true.

One map Weil created shows the election data from 2010 and 2012 and which party received a majority of the vote in each county. Some counties don't change -- Horry and Greenville Counties voted Republican in both the governor's race in 2010 and the presidential race in 2012.

"They were Abbeville County, Newberry County, Union County, Kershaw County, Chesterfield County, and Florence County," said Weil.

According to Weil, those six counties were a lot more middle-of-the-road than advertised.

"It really depends on who comes up, who can get the vote out," said Weil. "It's gonna be a much different race."

Weil's maps don't include any of the current election poll results, which have Gov. Nikki Haley ahead of state Sen. Vincent Sheheen and Tom Ervin.

But Weil says his hobby isn't about picking a winner.

"Folks need to take the time to understand the world around them, and particularly this state," said Weil.

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