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Coaches keeping athletes safe when playing in extreme heat


Just standing outside makes you sweat in the South Carolina heat.

So imagine putting on a complete football uniform, and then playing hard for four quarters.

It's a lot for anyone, and it can be dangerous, especially for these high school athletes.

Athletic trainers, directors, and coaches all keep this in mind, and have a game plan on how to keep their players safe.

Spring Valley Head Athletic Trainer Paul Dobyns said they start monitoring the temperature and humidity each day around 2 p.m.

"If we see that it's going to be a high temperature high humidity day and then we're going to recommend to our coaching staff shorter increments of time, 10-15 minutes and then a water break or 15 minutes and then a five-minute water break whatever is our increment that we're going to determine that day based off our temperature," Dobyns said.

Some Signs of dehydration are thirst, cramps, dizziness, weakness.

Players are encouraged to let their coaches know if they have any of these symptoms.

There is lots of water available for players, and there are also fans set up to try and keep cool.

Dobyns said it is also important that parents make sure their kids have good breakfast, lunch, and snacks so they have energy.

And give them a water bottle they can refill throughout the day.

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