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Neighbors on alert after string of vehicle break-ins

Map of Greenview community.  (Source: Map of Greenview community. (Source:

Columbia police are investigating a series of vehicle break-ins throughout the Greenview community.

More than 20 break-ins have been reported, specifically during the evening and overnight hours, from Aug. 13 to 21 near Farrow Rd, Jennifer Timmons with the Columbia Police Department said.

In many of the cases, the parked vehicles were left unsecured while in others, the suspect gained entry by an unknown means, Timmons said.

Timmons said in at least one case, the suspect used an object to pry open the driver's side door.

The suspect or suspects stole items including a purse, wallet, cash, handgun, laptop, iPhone charger, GPS unit alcohol, keys, and a camera.

Other times, the vehicles did not contain valuables and the suspect went through the cars looking for things to steal.

Timmons said they have recovered some of the stolen goods.

"North Region Officers have enhanced their regular patrols in the Greenview and surrounding areas," Timmons said. "Additional CPD Officers are also patrolling city-wide to prevent similar crimes from occurring."

To help safeguard your valuables, police encourage you to register with "Report It", a property inventory system that can track and recover stolen property.

"Report It" lets users securely store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so their items may be more easily identified in the event of theft or loss.

Police can search for the stolen items with the help of item descriptions and serial numbers.

Residents can sign up for "Report It" by visiting:

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