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Reeves wants tax referendum to level campaign playing field

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You may not have heard of Morgan Reeves or seen any of his election ads on television.

That's because the state gubernatorial candidate doesn't have any and he doesn't have any campaign contributions. That's the way he wants to keep it.

"We've got to stop measuring candidates on how much money they've got!" Reeves said.

Reeves, who ran for governor back in 2010, finds himself in a sort of Catch 22. Campaigning from his MINI Cooper, the independent candidate from Winnsboro says he'd get more votes if he could debate Governor Nikki Haley and state Senator Vincent Sheheen. Reeves did not take part in the 2010 debates between Haley and Sheheen and only received 20,000 votes out of 1.3 million ballots cast.

Reeves wants to level the playing field. As governor, he says he'd push for a tax referendum with the revenue being distributed equally to each candidate running. Reeves is the only candidate to suggest an idea like this.

"If everybody paid one dollar a year," Reeves explained, "that's $10 million to show every individual's platform."

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