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Does It Work: Juggle Bubbles

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They bounce. They float. They fly. They magically fill the sky. And when they land they won't pop in your hand.

Now that is neat, so we had to give this a try. This week, we're testing Juggle Bubbles.

We've all played with bubbles as a kid, but the thing with Juggle Bubbles is that they aren't supposed to pop. So you can catch, pass and juggle the bubbles you create.

Juggle Bubbles comes with a special bubble solution, a tray to pour it in, a device to blow your bubbles and a pair of magic gloves that allow you to catch those bubbles without popping them.

To get started, simply dip the bubble blower into the solution and slowly blow your baseball sized bubble. From there, the commercial makes playing with that bubble look pretty easy.

The problem we encountered was that nine out of every ten attempts resulted in a popped bubble at first touch. Truth be told, if we weren't testing this for a story, we would have given up on Juggle Bubbles much sooner.

So does it work?

Let me start by saying Juggle Bubbles are a lot of fun when you actually get them to work. But the problem is these bubbles pop really easily.

Time and time again our bubbles would pop as soon as they would touch the glove, and it was a very frustrating experience. It's hard to imagine a small child is going to have more patience than we had, which is going to make this a not real fun process for mom and dad.

So we have to give the Juggle Bubbles a no on this week's Does It Work.

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