Job creation, unemployment, taxes at forefront of upcoming gover - - Columbia, South Carolina

Job creation, unemployment, taxes at forefront of upcoming governor's race


Whether you're looking at campaign websites for Gov. Nikki Haley, State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, or independent candidate Tom Ervin, each focuses in on hot button issues in the state such as job creation, unemployment, and taxes.

As the incumbent, Haley has an advantage when it comes to job creation. Since 2010, her campaign says the state's unemployment rate has dropped rapidly and big companies like Boeing and Giti Tire have set up shop here in South Carolina.

However, major employers have also left the Palmetto State. Not too long ago, Heinz build a factory in Florence and employed 200 people before leaving. Complaints about layoffs have surfaced about PTR, a gun manufacturer that recently opened its doors in Horry County.

In a statement released Thursday, Ervin said the government isn't the job creator. It merely makes the state business friendly. One way to make the state more business friendly, according to each campaign site, is to keep taxes low.

Sheheen says he wants to lower industrial property tax. Haley's campaign noted her administration cut small business taxes down to three percent. Ervin's campaign says keeping taxes low is vital for industry so long as the low taxes go towards things like roads and infrastructure.

When you look at unemployment, there still a large number of people in South Carolina like Nick King who aren't able to find work. King is between jobs and spends a lot of time in the job resource center at Richland County Library.

King plans to vote in November and he says bringing jobs to the state is great, but more needs to be done to get people employed.

"It's not that people don't want to work," King said. "It's giving a chance to work. If they see you're homeless or once you mark on that application you're a convicted felon, that's two black marks against you."

All three campaigns were contacted for a more in-depth look at jobs in this race, but no response was received from Sheheen's campaign before this report aired.

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