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Military leaders continue to seek support for Fort Jackson

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In a community that's military strong, Fort Jackson has a place in many people's hearts.

"You know, we tout ourselves as being the most military friend community in America," said Susan McPherson, Director of Public Policy and Military Affairs for the Columbia Chamber.

"We love our military, we love our soldiers, and we want to support that effort," added Earl McLeod, Executive Director of the Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia.

The US Army is in the process of discussing possible cuts and closures, which could have a big impact at Fort Jackson. In a worst case scenario, Commander Major General Bradley Becker, says more than 3,000 jobs could be lost.

"That's a lot of jobs and the related jobs and services associated with that can more than double or triple it," said McLeod.

The Columbia Chamber is leading a petition drive in support of Fort Jackson. The drive kicked off July 29.

"The next morning I had 200 letters signed in the Chamber office," said McPherson.

It's a good start, but the goal is to have thousands of signatures and letters to send to Army officials.

"Our men and women at the fort are working every day to learn to train us and protect us," said McPherson. "This is an opportunity for us, as a community, to come together and protect those folks, protect command staff, protect what we so dearly love at the fort, by showing our support."

"We have to make sure we have a strong defense and we know Fort Jackson plays a vital role in that defense, and we want to keep it that way," added McLeod.

All letters of support and signatures must be at the Columbia Chamber by August 20. The petitions and letters will be mailed to the US Army by August 25.

If you would like to help, sign the online petition here.

Send letters of support to

All handwritten petitions should be mailed/delivered to:

Columbia Chamber

Attn: Susan McPherson

930 Richland Street

Columbia, SC 29202

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