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Lexington's 'American Ninja Warrior' contestant makes second appearance

Brandon Arrington, admitted thrill seeker, will appear on American Ninja Warrior for the second time. Brandon Arrington, admitted thrill seeker, will appear on American Ninja Warrior for the second time.

Brandon Arrington is an admitted thrill seeker.

"I have skydived seven times and bungee jumped twice," said Arrington. "I enjoy anything active especially whitewater rafting and snowskiing."

Recently, Arrington found the ultimate thrill through the bright lights of a reality competition program shown right here on WIS: American Ninja Warrior.

The 30-year-old Lexington airline pilot says a neighbor first approached him about trying out for the show while he was working out in his garage.

"I thought, 'Yeah, yeah. That show looks crazy,' I didn't think they were going to pick a little guy from South Carolina," said Brandon.

The producers from American Ninja Warrior liked that little guy from South Carolina and ended up calling him only a few weeks before season five began taping.

Arrington completed the course during his first appearance on the show. His strategy was to focus on getting through each obstacle instead of worrying about time. Surprisingly, he did it all with a torn muscle under his arm.

Unfortunately, Arrington took a tumble on one of tough obstacles in the next round. He returned to Lexington with two goals: to get back on the show and prepare for whatever the show threw in his way.

This is the part where you cue the Rocky montage music.

Arrington has since transformed his backyard and parts of his neighborhood into a mini-American Ninja Warrior course.

His wife, Kala, says that their neighbors have seen her husband training throughout their neighborhood and even at the community's pool.

Arrington says he has to find ways to keep up his strength and skill.

"My training on the road gets pretty creative with my pilot's schedule. I use stairwells, tree branches, scaffolding, or playground equipment to do all kinds of pull-up variations. I will walk on railings to do balance work, and just last week I bought a slack line to take my balance work to the next level," said Arrington.

Arrington says the momentum behind his drive comes from someone he watched overcome an obstacle much bigger than anything he experienced on the show.

"Watching the way my dad handled his cancer constantly beating a doctors forecast or prediction always blew me away. He could always take everything in stride and keep pushing forward," said Arrington.

Arrington's father, James, battled cancer for nearly a decade. He says his dad was a fighter and was always determined to master any task doctors gave him.

Unfortunately, Arrington ended up losing his father in 2010. However, he says he is thankful for the extra years he was given with him.

Arrington is now is a father himself to a 21-month-old named Conner. He says the boy is already starting to climb whatever he can and constantly makes it out of his crib. And yes, the child is already a big fan of the show as well.

You'll be able to catch Arrington's performance on American Ninja Warrior on Monday at 9 p.m. on WIS. Also, if you want to apply to be on the show, you can always visit NBC's webpage.

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