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Buyer Beware: Safer turkey fryers

(National) Nov. 24, 2004 - People who love deep-fried turkey say it tastes even better than a roast turkey. The problem is most turkey fryers run on propane, and safety experts say they're a real fire hazard.

Many do not have automatic temperature controls, so the oil can get too hot. And, if you overfill the pot or put in a turkey that's still partially frozen, the oil can bubble over, catching fire and engulfing the pot in flames.

Consumer Reports tested an electric turkey fryer called the Turk'n'Surf that's designed to be much safer. It has a maximum fill line for the oil to avoid spatters and flash fires.

And, John Macchia of Consumer Reports says it also has another safety feature that makes it less of a fire hazard, "Turk'n'Surf has an automatic sensor that turns off the heating elements if the oil goes over 400 degrees."

It won't even start if it hasn't been properly assembled.

Once the turkey is cooked, you still have to be careful lifting the fried turkey out of the hot oil. But, all and all, Consumer Reports says the fryer is much safer than propane turkey fryers.

And, when it comes to taste they found it's just the way a turkey should be - moist, juicy and tender.

The Turk'n'Surf's list price is $149.

Here are some turkey frying safety tips:

  • Make sure the fryer's on a flat surface
  • Don't overfill the unit
  • Make sure the bird is thawed and dried (oil and water don't mix)
  • Never leave the unit unattended
  • Make sure children and pets are not around it

by Judi Gatson

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