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Funny money in Camden no laughing matter for business owners

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Store owners in Camden are having to keep a closer eye on what's in their cash drawers as city police are once again getting several reports of counterfeit cash being used to purchase items.

Camden police say this is not the first time they've seen counterfeit bills turning up in stores. At one point they were coming in in amounts of $50 or $100. The real difference now is the bills are getting smaller.

Investigators say one store in the city reported getting two $20 that were fake. That came from the Gate gas station on West Dekalb Street. Another fake $20 was reported by staff at Dollar Tree on Springdale Drive.

The U.S. Secret Service is now the leading the investigation for both cases. Officials say while the bills are small, it's pretty easy to tell they're not real. Compared to regular $20's, they feel different and are missing key water marks. That's something staff at Gate say they clearly picked up on.

"There's like a strip that goes down inside like a string. Those are missing and they just don't feel right, they don't look right, so just trying to find them and not accept them in the store and be out money," said Joan James, an employee at the gas station.

The Secret Service would offer no comment on the pending investigations.

It's unclear if these cases are tied to earlier reports of counterfeit money in Kershaw County earlier this year or if there's any more of it out there. Police say if you have suspicions about any cash you receive, don't give it back but call area law enforcement.

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