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Orangeburg residents hope for better conditions as flood damage lingers


Flooding throughout Orangeburg was an issue that many drivers and residents faced on Monday.

As the rainfall continued, water crept out onto many roads around the city making it difficult to get around. Conditions were so bad at point that emergency officials in Orangeburg County were forced to close some highways down.

"I just kept going different roads until I got through," Sandra Hampton said.

According to Hampton, taking different detours through the city added up to 30 minutes to commute home.

"It was really a dangerous thing to go through the water," Hampton said.

While some were able to drive to their destinations immediately, others had no choice but to wait.

"My husband had to stay where he was for a while until the rain stopped," Bessie Johnson said. "The rain was just that heavy."

The roads may have dried out, but the effects of the flood would linger as water damages in several spots stayed behind.

The Orangeburg County Library was kept closed Tuesday to make time to clean up damage from the floods. At one point, law enforcement officials advised the public about malfunctioning traffic lights because of the excess rain.

It's something that residents are hoping to avoid as they drive around the city today.

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