Parents reflect on daughter’s death one year later - - Columbia, South Carolina

Parents reflect on daughter's death one year later


One year ago Sunday, a 24-year-old Columbia mother of two was gunned down.

Police say she was the innocent victim of gang violence.

D'Andra Pelzer's parents placed fresh flowers on her grave and talked about how much things have changed in one year.

From dealing with the death of their daughter to now raising their grandchildren.

"I miss her so much," said D'Andra's dad, Stanley. "I just miss her. That's why I spend so much time coming through. I leave home early enough in the morning so I can stop by. I leave with just enough time. After I drop the kids off to the daycare in the morning, I try to find the time to stop by and reminisce or sometimes I come here and I be out here talking to myself, well, I'm talking to her anyway."

D'Andra's father just had a birthday, just eight days apart from his daughter.

Stanley and his wife are taking it one day at time while holding on to the hope for justice.

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