SCDC Agriculture Branch facts

The Agriculture Branch is a branch of the Support Services Division of the South Carolina Department of Corrections and is charged with the stewardship of the lands owned by SCDC. SCDC owns approximately 13,000 acres of land throughout the state. The Agriculture Branch is responsible for all lands that are in timber or farm land. There are approximately 3,700 acres of timberland on 15 separate Institutional lands. The balance of the land is located on the 3 major farms, Wateree, Walden, and MacDougall.

  • Walden Farm is located in Columbia consist of 1,500 acres. Programs at Walden consist of Beef Cow-calf operation with 202 beef cows. Walden also has an edible crop operation farming approximately 45 acres of crops consisting of  Sweet potatoes, cabbage, onions, bell peppers, watermelon, sweet corn, and squash. Walden also has 2 green houses that grow vegetable plants and annual flowers.
  • MacDougall Farm is located near Holly Hill and consists of approximately 1,500 acres. This location houses the Branch's layer operation. MacDougall has 3 layer house with 40,000 layers in each house. The manure is used to fertilize the hay operation at MacDougall.
  • Wateree Farm is located in Rembert and consists of 7,000 acres. Wateree is home of the Dairy, Beef cattle, row crops, mechanic shop, welding shop, farm maintenance, sawmill, hammermill and grits mill operations.
  • SCDC consumes 1,473 gallon of milk daily or 538,000 gallons annually. (Farm Produced)
  • SCDC consumes 61,213 eggs daily or 22,343,040 eggs annually. (Farm Produced)
  • SCDC consumes 1,833 pounds of grits daily or 669,180 pounds annually. (Farm Produced)
  • SCDC consumes 592 pounds of meal daily or 215,940 pounds annually (Farm Produced)

 The above information was provided by the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

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