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Lexington County elections chair steps down


Three weeks ago, Gene Wilbur stood firm expressing his concerns for the Lexington County Elections Commission as their chairman.

Now, Wilbur has opted to step down.

"Sunday morning, I decided it was time for me to leave it," he said. "So, I sent in my letter of resignation."

Whoever takes Wilbur's place will have to find a way to deal with nine pages which detail the proposed projects for a penny sales tax. Those nine pages are slated to be part of Lexington County's ballot in November and each one must be approved individually.

"It's going to get bad," Wilbur said.

Wilbur said he brought his concerns to Lexington County Council pointing out those nine pages would double the size of the ballot making wait times longer at local voting precincts. Wilbur said the complaints fell on deaf ears, but County Council chairman Johnny Jeffcoat said otherwise. 

"We'll be there," Jeffcoat said. "Like I mentioned before, we'll have lots of help."

Wilbur addressed the council on May 6 asking for one full-time employee, but his request was denied. Jeffcoat noted that all departments were denied extra staffing at that meeting. However, he said the council can supply help in the form of other county employees on Election Day. Still, Wilbur believes the problem needs more than a quick fix.

"For Mr. Wilbur to make such a grand stand over reading every word," Jeffcoat said, "that's just not going to happen."

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