Fundraiser set to help woman who lost service dog to cancer

(Source: Mia Johnson's GoFundMe Page)
(Source: Mia Johnson's GoFundMe Page)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you've been in downtown Columbia for long periods of time during the week, then you've likely seen Janie Young and her service dog, Zuma, traveling through town.

Janie, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, is confined to a wheelchair and leaned on Zuma to help her even with basic tasks.

But these past few months have been especially tough for Janie.

Janie learned of a breast cancer diagnosis months ago and went through a mastectomy. She also learned that her canine companion of eight years was suffering with cancer, too.

Zuma was treated first and was well enough to help Janie get through her treatment as well, but soon after, the dog took a turn for the worse and had to be put down a week ago.

Now Janie, who is mostly self-sufficient and has a job, needs a new service dog. However, there is a 3-year wait for a new dog.

Enter Mia Johnson, who has organized a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Janie raise the $10,000 to get a service dog right away.

So far, Johnson has raised almost $3,000 for Janie.

"Janie Young is a wonderful lady who doesn't let anything stop her," said Johnson on the fundraising page. We would love to get some support about this lady and rally the troops to get her the help she needs."

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