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Losing it with Len: Chapin woman loses more than 100 pounds


There's a saying: Dance like no one is watching. These days, Tara Bolton doesn't mind if the world sees.

"The music, the dancing," said Bolton. "It's just high energy."

Bolton is referring to the Zumba fitness craze. Even through a workout, her smile shines through. But if you rewind to 2012, pictures show the same smile with a different frame. Bolton also received a reality check during a checkup at the doctor's office.

"Stepped on that scale and when it said 304 pounds, I knew something had to be done," said Bolton.

So she started the journey to change her life. There were baby steps at first that eventually led her to the fast-moving world of Zumba. "Kind of took off and now I'm kind of addicted," said Bolton.

It's hard not to be drawn in, especially with Zumba instructor Cynthia Shepard at CMS Total Fitness encouraging you to rock out those Latin moves.

"Everybody loves it," says Shepard. "We have kids in our class and we have grandmothers in the same class."

Zumba isn't new, but it continues to grow in popularity. It's a combo of dance and aerobics using all kinds of styles from samba to hip-hop. You begin to sweat pretty quickly and Shepard says you don't have to be a great dancer to benefit.

"What I tell people is, I don't care if you're going left and I'm going right, I really don't care," said Shepard. "And that's why I think people love the class."

Shepard says contrary to popular belief, it's not just a workout for women. "Oh no, in fact, it was a man who created it. I have guys in my class who love to come. If you love to dance, then it really doesn't matter."

It's what's helped Bolton get a new start. By changing her eating habits, along with burning calories with Zumba and other workouts, she's now lost more than 100 pounds.

"We are at a loss of 118 pounds," said Bolton. Those are certainly 118 reasons to dance and smile.

Zumba along with other classes including Yoga and Body Sculpt are offered at CMS Total Fitness in Ballentine. It's $3 for classes and kids between 10 and 14 can also exercise with their Moms for free.

More information can be found at www.cmstotalfitness.com.  Be sure to also follow Len's fitness journey at www.facebook.com/losingitwithlen.

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