Father-daughter team honors Irmo toddler who died after being struck by falling tree limb

IRMO, SC (WIS) - It's been over a month since three-year-old Jacoby Latta died in a park in Irmo after a tree limb fell on him during a church picnic.

Now one family is remembering the toddler with art and superheroes.

The father-daughter team comes out almost every major holiday to create something on their driveway that their neighbors and own family will remember for years to come.

This year they wanted to do something special for the memory of a little boy they once knew.

"This one is special in particular because we're dedicating it to Jacoby Latta who passed away this year as a result of an accident," said George Hemmingway.

George's daughter Corey said they heard Jacoby liked Captain American and whipped up something in his honor.

"We heard that he really liked superheroes like Captain America- that was like his favorite super hero, we thought that we'll do this for the Fourth of July and for Jacoby... in memory of him," Corey said.

In May, a tree limb fell on the three-year-old in a public park, killing him. But in death, his life was celebrated at his funeral with invincible characters he loved most.

"People were dressed up as different marvel characters and if they weren't dressed up, a lot of people wore pins and buttons," George said.

The family hopes the Latta family will take some small comfort through this mural that their son is still missed.

"They told us and other people that they weren't really handling it well, and it's still very tough for them," Corey said.

George and Corey said they hope the display will help encourage the Latta family to know that may still have them in their hearts and minds.

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