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Good Samaritans fix air conditioner for Benton elderly woman


Two Good Samaritans donated their time and money to help an elderly woman be more comfortable in the sweltering Louisiana heat this summer.

Exie Jenkins, an elderly Benton woman, initially called KSLA News 12 for help in mid-June, after suffering through three months without air conditioning after her unit broke.

Thanks to the generous donations of our viewers to the KSLA News 12 and Caddo Council on Aging fan drive, Jenkins received a couple box fans. But even with those fans, Jenkins was still bracing for a long hot summer. 

A couple who was touched by her story had different plans for her.

Shelton Langley's wife Windy Langley asked her husband if he could help. Shelton Langley fixes air conditioners for a living and decided to help Jenkins.

"Sometimes you got to help people you don't know," said Shelton Langely, who explained that through the kindness of others, he was able to get his business going in the first place.

"I wanted to help her, like people have helped me out and repay the favor back," he said.

Shelton Langley was even able to get a friend to pitch in.

"I called a buddy of mine, Eric Nixon. He does air conditioning also," Shelton Langley said.

The total cost to fix the air conditioner was $300 and both Good Samaritans decided to split the cost to make sure Jenkins could stay cool in her home.

"I hugged and thanked both of them," said Jenkins, adding that she is excited that her whole house is now the same temperature.

Jenkins wants to thank her Good Samaritans by baking a cake for their families.

Others wanting to help can do so as well. Fan donations can be dropped off at KSLA News 12, 1812 Fairfield Ave. in Shreveport.

Fans will be accepted through Labor Day.

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