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New campaign to emphasize rules on driving near emergency vehicles

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It's a new campaign for a law that's been around for quite some time.

South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Richland County Sheriff's Department are teaming up to remind those on the roadways what to do when approached by emergency vehicles.

The rule to remember is, "When you see lights, pull to the right."

Whether it's law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, flashing lights and sirens mean you need to react with common sense.

"We have firefighters, EMS personnel who encounter the same problems on a daily basis and all that we are asking is that motorists do the right thing, slow down, and move over. If you happen to see law enforcement or an emergency scene on the side of the road even if you are not able to move over to the shoulder at least use good judgment and slow down," said Highway Patrol L. Cpl. David Jones. 

We rode along with Senior Deputy Jamie Owens as he flipped on his sirens.

Through downtown Columbia, several people slowed down and pushed to the right lane for Owens to pass, but many were also confused, showing that they weren't sure how to react.

The same confusion also continued on the highway.

"If you're on the interstate, don't stop and move up against the cement wall, move to the far right median and the law enforcement officer should assist you in doing that, said Owens.

"The main problem I see with drivers is what we like to call 'rubberneck' or want to see what's going on with the traffic stop or the collision that just occurred or anything like that just watching what's going on and not watching the road," said Owens.

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