WIS GM: 'We will not tolerate this Boss Hogg mentality'

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS, and presented by General Manager Donita Todd.

Corruption. It seems to be the order of the day. Recent developments including the Jonathan Pinson trial, the indictment of Lexington County Sheriff James Metts, and the showdown between Attorney General Alan Wilson and House Speaker Bobby Harrell have rattled folks in the Midlands. It's just downright disturbing to hear daily news about yet another allegation of fraud, influence peddling, or breach of the public trust. We deserve better.

Whether it's the arrogance of believing you'll never get caught, the conspiracy of power or the utter disregard for the law, one has to wonder what drives this behavior. Also makes you wonder what else is going on and when that shoe will drop. It's an assault to our daily senses.

South Carolina is such a beautiful place to live and is poised for economic and population growth in the coming decades, but I fear that our public image is tarnished with these scandalous headlines. Perhaps these headlines will urge South Carolinians to send a strong message to their public officials that we will not tolerate this Boss Hogg mentality. Because we deserve better.

That's my Perspective. Let me hear from you.

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