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'Hose Draggers' vs. 'Donut Commandos' : A rivalry intensified

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Few rivalries compare to Clemson-Carolina. But it's getting ugly in the city of Columbia.

"Last year they did kickball and we won in that. This year they decided to play softball to give the fire department a fighting chance."

"We're gonna outrun them. We're gonna' out hit them. We're gonna' out throw them. We're not worried about them trying to shoot us with any Tasers because they can't even get close to us."

It's the Columbia Police Department vs. the Columbia Fire Department. The Donut Commandos against the Hose Draggers. And neither side is holding back.

"They're able to watch TV and lift weights while they're at work, while we gotta' go from call to call to call."

"CPD we're coming for you baby! Be ready! CFD!"

Police officers and firefighters are playing in a charity softball game Saturday night at Capital City Stadium, before the Columbia Blowfish take on Martinsville. The rivalry game starts at 5:30. Losers have to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch of the Blowfish game.

It's also a fundraiser, including a silent auction for Bosom Buddies, a breast cancer support group.

"They haven't beaten us in many, many years," Fire Education Officer Matt Lam said. "They can't even beat us in the blood drive."

 "It really doesn't matter who wins," police Sgt. Chris Williams said. "But we are gonna' win."

 "They always talk a lot of smack, but you know what? People are always glad to see us show up," fire Captain Ronnie Davis said. "They're always happy to see the firemen show up."

"It's gonna' be so fantastic just how bad we beat these guys, even Sparky's gonna' dust McGruff as he's running across the bases, too," Lam said.

Despite the gamesmanship, players from both teams rely on and respect each other when it's time to go to work.

"They depend on us and we depend on them," police Sgt. David Howe said. "We're a small family."

"They're a great group of people and it's really good to know that when we get into a situation, that they're there promptly and to be able to help us," fire Capt. Danny Lowery said. "We really appreciate them."

It's also Bark at the Park night at Saturday's Blowfish game. Prizes will be awarded to the best-dressed K9s.

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