McMaster, Campbell prepare for GOP lt. governor run-off - - Columbia, South Carolina

McMaster, Campbell prepare for GOP lt. governor run-off


The first time around, former State attorney Henry McMaster beat out four other GOP challengers by winning more than 40 percent of the vote.

Days after the win, second-place candidate Pat McKinney dropped out of the race.

Now, McMaster faces off against third-place challenger Mike Campbell, businessman and son of former governor Carroll Campbell. Political experts say, with recent big name endorsements, Campbell may be able to turn the tables.

"Was he able to change any minds in this two-week period?" USC political science professor Dr. Bob Oldendick said. "Given that he was down about 20 points, he really needs not only to get his base out, but to convince some of the people that didn't vote to vote for him two weeks ago to come out. We expect a very low turnout."

Voter turnout for the June 10th primary was close to 16 percent. Political experts estimate it could be under 10 percent for Tuesday's run-off.

The winner of the GOP nomination will face Bakari Sellers in November.

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