14-year-old girl running 100 miles to raise awareness for veterans group

Sgt. First Class Chris Murrin and Breanna Murrin
Sgt. First Class Chris Murrin and Breanna Murrin
Danielle Murrin
Danielle Murrin

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Fourteen-year-old Breanna Murrin has set her sights on an admirable goal.

Starting next week, Breanna will take on the task of running 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West.

She hopes to reach Key West, Florida on July 4, with an American flag in hand, planting it on the southernmost point of the United States.

"We want to honor the veterans and raise awareness for Team RWB which stands for red, white and blue and it helps veterans become more sociable in their communities through social events," the Spring Valley High School student said.

Since Breanna and her family have been involved with the Columbia chapter of Team Red, White & Blue they've helped veterans integrate back into the civilian world through activities and events.

"It does teach us lessons and it also reminds us of how much they sacrificed for our country," Breanna said.

Breanna said she is a little nervous about the feat of running 20 miles a day for a week but is looking forward to the challenge.

"This is our first long run," Breanna said. "I'm nervous, but I think it's a good thing to do, to run for the veterans."

Breanna's dad, Sgt. First Class Chris Murrin said by running with the American flag through the Florida Keys, it will hopefully bring awareness to the sacrifices made by those who serve this country.

"We are starting to lose a lot of that history from the older veterans and we need to have our younger generation connect with them before they are gone," Murrin said. "I believe that it is very important. They have so many experiences and lessons learned from folks that have fought in World War II, the Vietnam War. Then you have my generation and for them to be able to talk with veterans from 40 to 60 years ago and just tell them stories about how the way things were, I think we were losing a little bit of that."

Thirteen-year-old Danielle Murrin said she will also run part of the 20-mile legs with her big sister.

"I'm excited that we are actually going down to run," Danielle said. "Just thinking about running 100 miles, just makes me nervous."

The Murrin family will document their run which will start June 29.

"As that flag is carried 100 miles down the road all the way to the Keys, people passing… Hopefully they will say, 'Hey you know what? Fourth of July is coming up, there goes the flag,' maybe think a little bit about that," Murrin said.

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