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Groups gathering ideas this week to revitalize downtown Orangeburg


Several community groups are asking Orangeburg residents for their ideas to revitalize the city's downtown district.

The Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association is hosting several meetings this week to create a community vision plan for the area between the railroad corridor and Edisto Gardens.

"What we're here to do this week is think about the future of our community and particularly the way it relates to retail, the architectural elements of our downtown area, marketing and branding and the way we implement some of these new ideas," said DORA Executive Director Jennifer Hoesing.

"What we'd like to do is continue to strengthen existing business and talk about recruiting new business into the downtown and think about ways that we can improve our physical infrastructure, particularly some of our buildings in our downtown, how we might use some that are vacant," she said.

Hoesing says the City of Orangeburg has done a good job with streetscaping and aesthetics. Now her group's mission is to take the plan to a level that includes news businesses and architectural improvement.

"I would like to see it revitalized and I would like to see it come back to life as it was in the days of old when I first moved here. We had a lot of traffic down here," said Mayor Michael C. Butler, who ran on a campaign of city revitalization.

More than 20 meetings are scheduled throughout the next four days, culminating at noon Thursday when planners show off the recommendations gathered. The public is invited to participate at a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. Monday in the Bluebird Theatre. Residents also can take a survey by clicking here.

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