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Alabama performs well in safe states study

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A new study by has shown Alabama to be ranked as one of the safer states in the nation.

Alabama was ranked as the twenty-third safest state out of all the states and Washington D.C. Alabama also gained the distinction of having the lowest number of assaults per capita in the U.S. while being ranked 48 in the number of law enforcement employees per capita.

Massachusetts took the top spot in state safety with New Hampshire and Minnesota right behind. The most dangerous state was determined to be Nevada, who just edged out Arkansas and our northern neighbors in Tennessee.

WalletHub also issued a few extra facts about Alabama:

• North Dakota has 140 times more "under the influence" traffic violations per capita than Alabama.

• There are 279 times more murder and non-negligent manslaughter per capita in North Carolina than in Alabama.

• Alabama has 91 times fewer thefts per capita than in Delaware.

• Maryland has registered 107 times more drug abuse per capita arrests than Alabama.

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