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Local church suffers repeated break-ins

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A small Birmingham church is fed up after they've been broken into three times in two weeks.

The most recent break in; the culprit didn't get away with anything because there was nothing left to take after the first two break-ins.
Apostle Wanda Erskine walked in the church Sunday morning to find glass all over the floor.  Someone had broken one of the church's windows and climbed inside. "This is the house of God and if you have no respect for God, something is wrong with you," said Erskine.

The first break in happened two weeks ago, someone stole the churches mics, keyboard, and sound system.   The second time, the church's air conditioner unit was stolen.  The Saturday night, someone struck again breaking in through the window.  The person didn't get away with anything, but caused damage to the church.  "To break in here and keep breaking in here and you see you didn't get anything last time, so why keep breaking in the house of the Lord," said Erskine.

Erskine had to cancel church service Sunday.  She doesn't have insurance- and she still hasn't come up with the money to replace the air conditioner unit. "I feed children every day Monday through Friday, free lunch service.  And to come in and for them to take my air conditioner and stuff like that, to cool the children off,  it's just ridiculous," said Erskine.

She wants whoever is doing this to stop and she has a message for whoever the culprit is.  "Something is wrong with you. You really need Jesus for real," said Erskine.
If you would like to help Jesus Real Ministry you can call Apostle Erskine at 205-586-6421.   You can also stop by the church which is located at 2008 Snavley Avenue SW, Birmingham AL, 35604.

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