Attorney General Alan Wilson releases human trafficking plan

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/WIS) - South Carolina's top prosecutor has released a plan on how the state will address the problem of human trafficking.

Attorney General Alan Wilson on Thursday unveiled the efforts of the state's Human Trafficking Task Force. The plan makes recommendations like creating a website with public information about the issue and instituting specific training for law enforcement agencies.

"Before you can invade, like they did in Normandy, you have to have a plan," said Wilson. "You have to know what to invade. You have to know the logistics, the tactics, the strategic way of going about it. You can't just jump in."

State legislators passed a measure in 2012 intended to strengthen South Carolina's anti-human-trafficking laws. The law also created the task force, which is chaired by Wilson, and gave the prosecutor more tools to fight the selling people for sex or labor.

For more than a year, the panel has been reviewing how other states address human trafficking and evaluating which plans might work best for South Carolina.

Wilson says despite the belief that people have about the problem not being an issue in their communities, it's still a cause worth fighting for.

"Everyone thinks they know what a human trafficker looks like and they think they know the profile of a human trafficking victim. One thing that we have learned since we've assembled this task force is that you can't stereotype a trafficker and you certainly can't stereotype a young man or a young woman who has been victimized," said Wilson.

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