McKinney, Campbell await GOP Lt. Governor recount results - - Columbia, South Carolina

McKinney, Campbell await GOP Lt. Governor recount results


Three of the four Republican candidates hoping to become the next lieutenant governor are playing the waiting game.

While Henry McMaster is waiting on an opponent, Pat McKinney and Mike Campbell are both waiting to see who is going to face McMaster.

"We don't know where we're headed right now," Campbell said. "We don't know who's going to be in the runoff. We know there's going to be a runoff."

As of now, McKinney and Campbell are separated by less than a percentage point.

"This is the way that the law says, 'Hey, this is really close," Chris Whitmire with the SC State Election Commission said, "'Go back and make sure you counted and make sure you didn't miss anything.'"

In a press conference on Wednesday, Campbell said he's confident in the recount - citing problems at the polls causing initial confusion.

"We kept hearing of irregularities all over the state," Campbell said.  "In Richland County alone, we heard of like 25 precincts that experienced problems."

Whitmire said problems at polling places were expected.

"With a statewide election, you're going to be have some polling places where the poll managers don't show up, they have problems with the machines, they can't print a zero tape."

The only thing left to determine is if those problems and provisional ballots are enough to move Campbell forward.

"Of course," Whitmire said, "those types of recounts could change the outcomes of elections. In this voting system when a recount's been conducted, there's little to no change in the results."

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