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Overnight rain and more warm temps ahead


After significant heating throughout the day sent temperaturesinto the 80s and 90s we look to this evening, where increasing clouds andinstability pose a threat of possible overnight showers and thunderstorms.

Low pressure near the Ohio valley has given us anorthwestern flow that will drive moisture into the region tonight. Withunstable air in place we can see a few showers and isolated thunderstorms popup as the winds cross over the southern Appalachian Mountains.

The ingredients include; upper air moisture, stretching fromthe Ohio valley down into the western Carolinas, A low pressure systemgenerating the northwest flow of air which we often experience this time ofyear, and finally our topography, causing winds to rapidly change in elevationwhich can aid in the development of these storms.

These possible storms are on the southern tip of a largersystem that has been effecting much of the Midwest. Many storms will likelydevelop prior to reaching the Tennessee border.

The Storm Prediction Center hasput much of Tennessee and Kentucky under a slight risk of severe weather fortoday. The far eastern edge of the slight risk area hugs the Tennessee and NorthCarolina border. Though storms are not anticipated to be severe, as they enterthe mountains, they can still produce heavy down pours and damaging winds for western North Carolina.

Timing wise, we can expect the first hints of rain to arrivejust after 10 PM. Clouds will continue to increase prior to the rain, then wecan expect the heaviest and best chance of thunderstorms between midnight and 2AM Thursday morning. Once again, we are looking to see heavy downpours and damaging winds from these storms.

Expect lows to drop into the lower 70s and mid to upper 60sfor the entire region. Thursday will see warmer temperatures once again withhighs climbing into the mid to upper 80s and approach 90 degrees. Clouds will linger around and afternoon thunderstorms will also be possible during the peak heating hours of the day.

Look to see this summer like pattern continue into theweekend as well.


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