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Parole denied for boater convicted in deadly crash

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Steven Kranendonk Steven Kranendonk

Parole has been denied for a man serving ten years for a deadly boat crash on Lake Murray.

Steven Kranendonk went before the parole board Wednesday morning.

In 2012, he was convicted of two counts of felony boating under the influence in a deadly crash in May of 2010 on Lake Murray. Amber Golden and Kelli Bullard died after the boat they were riding in was crashed into by Kranendonk's boat.

May 1, 2010 is a night all families involved wish they could take back.

Kranendonk pleaded for leniency, saying he's had a quote "overwhelming amount of time" to think about what he's done.

While the mothers of Amber Golden and Kelli Bullard say not a day goes by they don't think about their daughters.

"We will be incarcerated forever," Paula Bullard said.

There is no parole for Bullard or the rest of the families of 25-year-olds Kelli Bullard and Amber Golden.

"I have forgiven him to the point I have to move forward with my life," Bullard said. "But he has changed my life. He has changed my entire family's life."

Steven Kranendonk was hoping for forgiveness and leniency from the parole board on Wednesday.

"My life...because of this tragic accident on May 1, 2010 would be considered favorable by most," Kranendonk said.

At times through tears, Kranendonk apologized for making a choice that night, a choice he was able to walk away from.

Prosecutors said he was drunk when he drove his boat into another, killing Amber and Kelli.

"I would have never gotten in a boat that day," Kranendonk said.

It's a regret Kranendonk has to live with.

While he serves his sentence the families say their sentence is forever.

"It's not fair to them and I just never meant for any of this to happen," Kranendonk said.

"I've forgiven him but it's a decision that I have to make every morning," said Yvonne Golden. "When I wake up in the morning and my daughter's not there, his name is what comes to mind. He's the reason my daughter is not there."

The families are working through forgiveness and have said it's a journey.

They said even though they forgive, they still need him to be held accountable.

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