SC congressman calls for VA criminal investigation - - Columbia, South Carolina

SC congressman calls for VA criminal investigation


A South Carolina congressman has joined the call for a criminal investigation into the cover-ups that have led to preventable complaints and deaths in the VA system. That's after an initial audit found questionable scheduling practices at the VA system wide.

On Tuesday, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs threatened legal action if the VA doesn't come forward with documents subpoenaed by Monday. The FBI has also been asked to investigate the VA.

We know the Dorn VA Medical Center was one of 138 centers that was part of the access audit done May 12 through May 16. Many of those facilities were flagged for further review because of concerns raised by the audit team. 

We found in Columbia fewer than 20 percent of new patients got to see a doctor within 14 days, with the average wait time for most being 39 days. 

Rep. Joe Wilson (R) said it's been whistleblower staff from Dorn that's called his attention to problems at the facility. Wilson believes new directors who claim they've found no secret waiting lists at Dorn, but says where that has happened, there should be criminal charges.

"I really believe we need to proceed with criminal investigations to find out who has delayed service by having multiple lists," said Wilson. "That is just shocking to find out that people would be so insensitive, so hateful, to come up with a dual list system."

Wilson believes Dorn's change in leadership will help to address problems the facility has had.  Wilson also believes legislation that will hold VA Medical Center Directors accountable should go a long way toward clearing up delay issues.

The Veterans Health Administration has suspended performance awards for this year.

In a statement from Dorn VA Medical Center, they said the VA is "initiating a coordinated, system wide initiative to accelerate care to Veterans, called the Accelerating Care Initiative."

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