Eliza raises $1 million for treatment of rare medical disorder, but next task awaits

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It took the O'Neill family six months, but they've finally done it: They've raised $1 million to fight a rare disease their daughter is battling.  

Eliza O'Neill has Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare degenerative disease. We first told you about Eliza last fall when her family started a foundation to pay for a clinical trial drug that's cured the disease in mice.

"With the money you've helped raise, our foundation will be fully funding the production of the medicine for Type A Sanfilippo for the planned clinical trial at Nationwide Children's Hospital! The production is in the process to begin and is scheduled to have medicine ready late this year in 2014 as planned. This is a HUGE STEP and it happened thanks to YOU! This is great news and the first step of funding is complete," said a statement on the family's fundraising page.

Many of you have helped support the O'Neil family's quest, but now they need help in their next step.

The family needs to raise another $1 million to help fund the actual clinical trial by October.

"We hate to ask again of you, but when faced with insurmountable odds, you've picked us up before," said a statement. "We realize getting others on board to donate can often be difficult, and we greatly appreciate your efforts to join this campaign."

That final push to raise the additional money is underway with a new video documenting the kindness exhibited by complete strangers.

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