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DNR prepares for busy Memorial Day on Lake Murray

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Memorial Day Weekend is one of the busiest times for major lakes throughout South Carolina, and officers with the Department of Natural resources want people to be prepared.

On any given summer day at Lake Murray you will see six officers patrolling, however this weekend 20 officers will be on duty making their rounds daily. DNR will be providing courtesy boat inspections at frequented landings before people hit the water.

"We will just go down a check list and make sure that you have got your life jacket, fire extinguisher, throwable device, a horn or a whistle, and make sure your registration is up to date. All we are trying to do is make sure we are keeping you from running into a game warden on the water and getting a ticket," said Sergeant Rhett Bickley with DNR.

Sgt. Bickley says out of every major body of water he has worked at in the state, Lake Murray has the largest number of BUI's during the season. He says that it is vital for people to have a designated driver for their boat and car ride home after.

Proper navigation lights are also a must if you have your boat out on the water between sunset and sunrise, and all vessels must have flares.

Bickley said it is also important to keep an eye out for those around you and to not speed since there are certain areas on Lake Murray where traffic can get congested.

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