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SC State still waiting for $6 million loan from state

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South Carolina State University has $6 million to help pay off its debts but it can't use that money yet.

About 90 positions from SC State's payroll have been cut and may never return.

"In some cases, particularly when our students return in the fall, there's a need to backfill some of these positions," SC State President Thomas Elzey said Wednesday.

Last month, Gov. Nikki Haley and other members of the budget and control board voted to give the university a $6 million bailout to cover payroll costs and other debts, but Elzey said they haven't received that money yet.

"The budget and control board staff have given us a number of tasks we have to fulfill and we have fulfilled the majority of them," Elzey said.

In Wednesday's board meeting, Elzey said a massive pile of paperwork brought forth before the budget and control board, demanding answers to financial questions.

"We are looking to them to release some of the funds to help our payroll by June 1," Elzey said.

Some board members said they need to ask the state for more money.

So as the board waits for the answer, the question remains, can they make payroll?

And as far as moving forward can they make the university grow and become sustainable again?

"Every 100 students represents about $1.3 million in revenues for the university," Elzey said.

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