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Missing horse found in Laurens County


The owners of a horse missing since Tuesday said Sadie has been found.

Pamela Martin said Sadie was found at Brick House Campground on private property in Laurens County.

Martin is happy to report that Sadie has since devoured half a watermelon and four gallons of water.

Martin said horse-riding isn't just a hobby, it's therapeutic.

"I just feel like somebody's beat me up," Martin told WIS Thursday. "I mean, it's just like somebody's ripped my heart out."

Deep in Sumter National Forest, Martin was riding hour after hour day after day.

"In the last three days, more than we have ever," Martin said. "We looked seven hours on the first day, and I don't know how many hours yesterday."

On Tuesday 20-year-old Sadie slipped away right before a ride.

"I had the halter, like here, around her neck just kind of tied like we always do," Martin said. "You know, it's not tied real tight. But they think they're tied normally."

But this time, that wasn't the case.

"So she just started walking this way, and I followed behind her. I said, 'Sadie! Stop! Stop! Woah! Woah!' And I thought she'd listen to me and eventually stop, but she didn't. She took off!" Martin said.

Ever since, Martin has been searching for the horse she adopted just last September after she says it had almost been starved to death by a previous owner.

Now the horse possibly in danger again.

"She could travel quite a few miles," Martin said. "She could be possibly 65 or 75 miles from here. There's no telling. This is a huge place."

On Thursday, U.S. Forestry rangers stopped by to help.

Martin said the Newberry County Sheriff's Office and even members of the public are helping too.

Meanwhile, she'll continue her long trek to find her baby.

"We want her back so bad!" Martin said. "We miss her so much, and the other horses miss her too."

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