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On 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board, SC woman remembers integration struggle


Sixty years ago Saturday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled racial segregation in public classrooms unconstitutional in Brown vs. Board of Education.

Debra Caldwell said her late sister, Rita McDonald, was one of the original five students who integrated Summerton High School in Clarendon County in 1965.

Caldwell started there a year later.

She said her father, John McDonald had to escort Rita to school with a shot gun in his truck every day.

Caldwell said her sister was the first Black Summerton High graduate but it was not without struggle.

"It was hard," Caldwell said. "It was really hard. She had to fight for everything she got. They didn't want her to attend the school. They offered my father money to keep her out of school that year but he refused. I went there for four years and each year got a little better but it was still hard when we first got there. So she kinda blazed the trail, making the way for us."

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